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 This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit or make a purchase from VOS Real Estate Inc’s (the “Site”). 

Our Privacy Commitment

VOS Real Estate Inc is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information obtained by reason of your relationship with VOS Real Estate Inc. This policy explains the types of personal information we collect, how it is used, and the steps we take to ensure that the privacy of your personal information is appropriately protected. Our policies and practices have been designed to comply with applicable provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) and similar laws regarding personal information that we collect as a business but does not apply to person information excluded by the CCPA or to individuals who are notCalifornia residents nor otherwise entitled to notice under the CCPA (as an employee, controlling owner, director, officer or contractor of an organization providing or receiving products or services).

Who is VOS Real Estate Inc?

VOS Real Estate Inc is a real estate brokerage company dedicated to the sales of real estate in California.

What Personal Information does VOS Real Estate Inc collect and how is it used?

The categories of personal information that VOS RealEstate Inc collects include:

·    GeneralIdentifiers, such as your name, home or work address, telephone number,email address, organization affiliation, and government-issued identification.

·     Online identifiers, such as your username or password for any of our websites, or the information we automatically collect through cookies and other processes in our websites.  This may include your computer or mobile device’s system type and version, manufacture and model, browser, unique identifier Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, theIP address of your Internet Service Provider, the date and time you access theWeb Site, the Internet address of the Web site from which you linked directly to the Web Site, the operating system you are using, the website you visited before browsing to our website, and general locations information (such as city)

·     FinancialInformation, such as bank account or credit card information you provide to us.

·     Commercial Information, such as the ordering and purchasing information we use for our goods and services, your billing and payment history.  We also collect information about your preferences regarding marketing and other communications and your participation in our events.  For consumers, we collect information related to a product complaints, concerns or compliments including the name of the customer and contact information, the product name, the store where the product was purchased.

·     Internet activity Information, information we collect about your interactions with our websites, emails and other online content, including the pages you viewed, emails you opened, likes you clicked, time spent on a webpage, navigation paths between pages or screens,  the sections of the Web Site you visit, the Web Site pages read and images viewed, and the content you download from the Web Site. and information about your activity on our website.  

We may also collect other categories of Personal Information that you choose to share withus.

You can always choose not to provide us with any of your personal information. However, if you make this choice, we may not be able to provide you with the product, service, or information that you requested.


The Web Site uses “cookies”, a technology that installs as mall amount of information on a Web Site user’s computer to permit the WebSite to recognize future visits using that computer. Cookies enhance the convenience and use of the Web Site. For example, the information provided through cookies may be used to recognize you as a previous user of the WebSite, to offer personalized Web page content and information for your use, to track your activity at the Web Site, to respond to your needs, and to otherwise facilitate your Web Site experience. For more information about cookies, and how to disable cookies, visit 

Links to Other WebSites

Our Web Site may contain links to other Web sites orInternet resources. When you click on one of those links you are contacting another Web site or Internet resource. VOS Real Estate Inc has no responsibility or liability for or control over those other Web sites orInternet resources or their collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of those other sites to learn how they collect and use information about you.

Sources of Personal Information

We receive information that you provide,  online identifiers, internet and network activity information, and publicly-available or commercially-available sources from which we collect information in connection with our services to you.  We also collect contact details, information about your interaction with marketing communications and your participation in events from joint marketing partners and event sponsors when they share this information with us.  Inappropriate circumstances we collect information indirectly from third party sources such as, physicians and investment counselors.

How we use personal Information.

We use the categories of Personal Information that we collect about you for the following business purposes:

VOS Real Estate Inc typically collects only the personal information required to provide our products and services to you. If the personal information we require is collected for a reason other than to provide products and services, we will advise you of the reason and obtain your consent before or at the time the information is collected. VOS Real Estate Inc will only collect personal information by fair and lawful means.  

The following are some examples of why we collect your personal information;

·     To process any information requests and customer requests;

·     To add the subscriber’s email address to the Company’s database for information dissemination including but not limited to news releases or corporate updates;

·     To measure and improve the effectiveness of ourWeb Sites or our marketing endeavors; and

·     To comply with the law.

We may also collect and summarize subscriber information in a format that no longer identifies the individual for statistical purposes.   We may also use Personal Information for other purposes consistent with the Notice or that are explained to you at the time of collection of your Personal Information.

Behavioral advertising 

As described above, we use your Personal Information to provide you with targeted advertisements or marketing communications we believe may be of interest to you. For more information about how targeted advertising works, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s (“NAI”) educational page at 

        You can opt out of targeted advertising by using the links below: 
- Facebook: 
- Google: 
- Bing: 

Additionally, you can opt out of some of these services by visiting the Digital AdvertisingAlliance’s opt-out portal at: 

How we share Personal Information

Generally, VOS Real Estate Inc obtains your consent to disclose personal information. The method of obtaining consent is appropriate to the type and sensitivity of personal information being collected, used or disclosed. In appropriate circumstances we collect information indirectly from third party sources such as, physicians and investment counselors. In some cases, your consent is implied if we ask you to provide personal information with a stated purpose. For example, if you are submitting a resume or information request form, you will be given the opportunity, before you submit the information, to choose not to have your information used for email updates on the Company’s endeavors. If you have not “opted out” by directing us to withhold your information from information submission forms, you can always contact the company at a later date to withdraw your consent.

In other cases, we will ask you to give your express consent to collect, use or disclose your personal information where such information would be considered sensitive. For example, we would obtain your express consent to disclose your personal information in the event we require a“background check” before hiring you.

VOS Real Estate Inc does not sell or rent personal information to any organization or person for any reason; provided, however, If VOS Real Estate Inc or a substantial part of our business is sold or otherwise transferred to a third party, your personal information may be transferred as well. In addition to the above, we may also share your information with third parties acting on our behalf. We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal information is used in a manner that is consistent with thisPolicy.

VOS Real Estate Inc may disclose or collect your information as permitted or required to by law, for example:

·     To a government institution or other person or entity that has asserted its lawful authority to obtain the information;

·     Where we have reasonable grounds to believe the information could be useful in the investigation of unlawful activity;

·     To comply with a subpoena or warrant or an order made by a court, person or entity with jurisdiction to compel the production of information;

·     To comply with court rules regarding the production of records and information;

·     To our legal counsel;

·     In the establishment, administration or termination of an employment relationship;

·     To meet ethical requirements or obligations imposed by regulatory and self-regulatory bodies;

·     If the information is publicly available;

·     In connection with the financing, insuring, sale, assignment or licensing of VOS Real Estate Inc’s business or a division thereof, in accordance with requirements imposed by law;

·     To assist in or coordinate product recalls; and

·     To conduct surveys and questionnaires.

You can change your consent preferences at any time by contacting VOS Real Estate Inc Head Office. To change your preferences, please refer to the “How Do I Contact VOS Real Estate Inc?” section below.

Does VOS Real Estate Inc Retain My Personal Information?

VOS Real Estate Inc retains your personal information only as long as it is required for our business relationship or as required by federal or provincial laws, subject to reasonable industry practices for records retention.

Is VOS Real EstateInc Open About its Privacy Policy?

VOS Real Estate Inc is committed to providing you with understandable and easily available information about our privacy policy and practices related to the management of your personal information. This policy and any related information is available at all times on our website, under “Privacy Policy” or upon request. To contact us, please refer to the “How Can I Contact VOS Real Estate Inc” section below.

We will respond to your requests for access to, changes to, or removal of your personal information in a timely manner. To access your personal information, please refer to the “How Can I Contact VOS Real Estate Inc”section below.

How Can I Contact VOS Real Estate Inc?


8605 Santa Monica Blvd #53476 Los Angeles, CA 90069

 Toll Free: 1-877-734-8207

For all inquiries, please contact

Will this Privacy Policy Change?

To accommodate changes in our service, the technology, and legal developments, this Policy may change over time. We may add, change, or remove portions of this Policy when we feel it is appropriate and such changes become effective upon posting.

This Policy was last updated on December 21, 2022.

Children’s Privacy Protection

The Site does not target children or provide products or services for use by children. We do not knowingly collect Information from persons under 13 years of age. If you are under 13 years of age, you may review the Site only with involvement of a parent or guardian, and you may not use any portion of the Site that would require collection of personal information from you.